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Update: Shadowed Souls

It is time for an update on Jim Butcher and Kerrie L. Hughes’ Shadowed Souls. The book is almost finished. The dust jacket is being completed this coming week and the rest of the book is ready to go. A simple upload of files once the dust jacket is done and the triple-signed book will be delivered to the printer.

This is a great book for Jim Butcher fans. And Chris McGrath fans!

The next update will be delivery of files.

4 thoughts on “Update: Shadowed Souls

  1. So it is almost the end of August. When would be expect shipments to go out?

    1. The book hasn’t gone to the printer yet. But almost there. Then it will take six to eight weeks for them to do their work.

  2. When I pre-ordered the book back in March, I remember the listing stating the book would be available in June. It’s now September. Have there been any setbacks in getting the book all set or what?

    1. I got shingles in April and was blind in one eye for two months. Took four months to recover.

      So yes. There was a set back, as I’ve said many times in updates on the website.

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