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Unfettered Clamshell Now Available

When the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered published, it shipped within the protective confines of a slipcase. There were 500 copies and it sold out immediately.

Then the 5000 copies of the trade edition of Unfettered sold out, those copies now sought after on the secondary market (we have a few copies left on the site that were recently found). It also has a new edition with a new dust jacket and additional story, still available on the website. And a super rare proof edition of the book signed by everyone but without a protective housing of any kind was released. All of these did not have slipcases or clamshells, leaving many collectors wanting to protect their books.

I listened to you all. I finally decided to create clamshells to help those of you house your books in protected and beautiful way. Unfortunately, clamshells are not cheap. They cost $90 to produce.

I’m not here to make a major profit off of these. They will be $100. I want to help you keep your books beautiful.

Hope you enjoy the clamshell!

Note: This clamshell does not come with a book.

Order HERE!

6 thoughts on “Unfettered Clamshell Now Available

  1. I missed if it was ever decided. Will the limited editions of Unbound and Unfettered II come in these clamshells by default? Also, are these shipping immediately if ordered?

    1. Sadly, these things are too expensive to be given by default. So I’ll be reaching out to a different slipcase maker for the S&N editions of Unbound and Unfettered II.

      These are shipping immediately if ordered, yes.

      1. What style are you planning to do for Unbound and Unfettered II? Slipcase or Traycase.

        Also, after these traycases sell out, are you planning to have more made or are these a one time thing>


  2. Ordered – Thanks Shawn.

  3. Hi Shawn

    My clamshell was waiting for me when I returned from a recent trip and it is wonderful. High quality and first class. Will you be offering clamshells for any other books? Would love to have them for other Grim Oak Press books. Thanks.

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