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Shipping: The Sword of Shannara

As I’ve said elsewhere on social media, shipment of The Sword of Shannara Limited Edition has commenced.

It is going well. We found a great way to double bubble-wrap the book and put foam on either side of it to stop the book from being near any corner of the box to prevent damage in transit. If a book does get damaged, it will have to be something hugely significant for it to happen!

As of right now, my assistant Hunter and I have shipped out up through #400 of the US domestic orders and international orders with only The Sword of Shannara on the receipt. That’s pretty good for three days of work. I know I said on the website that if all three books were ordered on the same receipt, they would not ship until The Wishsong of Shannara was printed. My shipping software allows me to split orders now, and while splitting an order and shipping the books individually costs me a bit more in shipping, you guys have been patient and I can absorb those costs a bit.

This is not true of international multiple-book orders, of course, because I literally can’t be hit with an extra $50 of shipping for every international order. When we are done with shipping out the US domestic orders and individual-book international orders, I will make a post here for those of you international customers who want to send Grim Oak Press more shipping funds to split your orders.

I hope all of that makes sense!

We will commence shipping on Tuesday. Hunter has PAX Seattle this holiday weekend so my boxing machine is gone for the weekend. But when he returns to Grim Oak Press, we won’t stop until all books are shipped.

There’s your update! Happy weekend!


12 thoughts on “Shipping: The Sword of Shannara

  1. I’ve previously sent you my new address, hoping to see this book soon.

    1. I have a Glendale address on file now for shipment. Is that correct?

      1. It is… thanks Shawn

  2. Will we receive an email with a tracking number once the book has shipped? Very excited to be receiving this book and want to be sure I am keeping an eye out for it.

    1. Yes, a tracking number will go to the email address that you ordered with.

  3. I just picked up my copy of Sword and it is fantastic. It arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much Shawn!!!

  4. I received my copy about 30 minutes ago, and it is fabulous! Thanks, Shawn, for a great looking book that I’m proud to own.

    1. Producing books that you guys are proud to showcase is my honor.

  5. Shawn, unboxed my copy today, arrived flawlessly. Thanks for your attention to detail and all your hard work in making the book a reality. I am very happy to have it 🙂

    1. Glad it arrived! More glad that you are happy. 🙂

  6. I love my book!!! It has a special, prominent home in my collectible bookcase. If you need extra funds for splitting my order, let me know and I will be happy to send it! Have a fabulous day and thank you for everything!

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