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Update: The Sword of Shannara

The Sword of Shannara has shipped.

So far, it seems people are quite pleased with it. That makes Terry and me happy. To see a book I’ve envisioned since I was 13 years old come to life and sit on my shelf is a dream come true. But even more fulfilling than that is your reaction and the kind words that have come in about the book. Thank you for that.

Yesterday, I finished shipping both the Limited Editions and Lettered Editions of The Sword of Shannara for those who live in the United States. I also shipped out copies going to international customers whose order receipts are not waiting on future books.

If you are an international customer and you ordered The Sword of Shannara on a receipt with other books on it — and of course if you want me to ship your copy of Sword now rather than waiting for those books to print — send me an email via the Contact page and let me know. I will look at your order, see how much additional shipping cost will be incurred by splitting the order, and will send you a PayPal money request for those monies.

Of course, you can also just wait and save money that way as well. Entirely up to you. But I cannot absorb the amount of additional shipping costs it would take to split and ship out international orders with multiple books on them.

Once I have recovered from shipping these books out, I will post details about the three Lettered copies of The Sword of Shannara that I have — and how I will go about making them available. I sense another video and randomly-drawn people!


7 thoughts on “Update: The Sword of Shannara

  1. Hi Shawn

    Received my limited edition copy of the Sword of Shannara. Great job, love the artwork and the quality printing. Nice addition to my collection.

  2. I received my lettered edition today. It’s amazing!

  3. I just received my copy today and couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much for wrapping in bubble wrap. It was delivered just fine by the post office at my front porch around lunch time today, but it rained hard most of the afternoon. Box got wet, book was perfectly fine. Thanks so much for this fine quality book! Matt

  4. Just received my copy of a Sword of Shannara today and it is gorgeous! Very nice production values and execution. I am very impressed by the look of the illustrations as to the dynamic range in the blacks and grays. The book’s silver gilted spine and front cover are also impressive. The DJ and rest of the artwork are likewise perfect. Love the map with the protective bound in glassine envelope! The only thing I missed was I thought a List of Illustrations in the front would be nice. But, a quibble!! Thank you for finally giving this series a worthy treatment.

    Quick question. Is Elfstones to be in stock soon and will it ship right on being received by you? Or will it ship with Wishsong? My order was one of the ones paying for all three at once.

    I head about your site on another book site and was lucky to get here in time to pick up the trilogy. First time buyer and I know I will be picking up more from you! All the best and thanks again!

    1. Elfstones will not be in stock soon sadly. Terry is taking a month-long trip right when I need him to sign signature pages. So that will push things back another month. The book is about ready to go though. Marc has finished all but two illustrations and the book’s first PDF layout was completed today. I hope it will be ready for Christmas. That is my goal.

      And for US customers, I split up their orders if they ordered the trilogy. You can read about that on the Updates section of the website.

      1. Got it! I was confused as the store display says Elfstones is in stock with 484 left. But I now understand that means you can still accept 484 orders and it is the orders that are “in stock” not the books!

  5. A Christmas present of the Elfstones would be wonderful. I received my copy of Sword two days ago and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and saw the awesomeness of the clamshell. Then opening that and seeing all of the interior art work was incredible including the new fold-out center one.
    The map in the pocket is a nice touch also.

    Very well done O Web Druid!

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