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Announcing Our New Partner Jeff Lawson

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone,

I hope this announcement finds you well and enjoying the holiday!

Let’s get right to it. I have decided it is time to expand Grim Oak Press in a way that not only keeps SF&F fans happy but also works hand-in-hand with our forthcoming new non-profit, Grim Oak Shield.

Jeff & Becky
I realized quickly I would not be able to do this on my own. For years, I have worked an 80-hour work week—as webmaster, Random House freelance writer, novelist, bookstore vendor, and small press owner. This worked for me when I was single. Having a family has changed that and my wife and I have seen my stress level increase—trying to do too much in limited time.

I discovered hiring the right person is not as easy as it sounds. Attention to detail and experience in SF&F are a must. More than that, I needed to hire someone I could trust but also someone who complimented my skill sets. They had to be able to take on at least half of my workload for it to work for my family and my plans.

Enter Jeff Lawson. Jeff and I have been friends since we were eight years old. When we were in middle school, we both read The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks and became avid fantasy fans, our long-time friendship sealed by the magic of reading. Now, after decades, we are older and wiser and have families but are still reading fantasy and are still the fastest of friends. And as luck would have it, he recently decided on a career change, where his work ethic could not only be directed at something he loves but could also better the world.

I have decided to bring him on as a full-fledge partner. Perfect timing. I am thankful for him on this Thanksgiving. There is no one I trust more with my business. I am taking over all creative aspects of Grim Oak Press—which projects we tackle, the artists we hire and their direction, and the production work with the printer. Jeff will oversee the sales of these projects to you, the invoicing of bookstores, and the warehousing and quality of book shipping. Here are photos of our new warehouse, shipping stations, and even Jeff’s daughter Kendall!

We complement one another so well and he’s thrilled by this move. So am I. Some of you have already seen this, Jeff answering questions online. Be sure to welcome him to Grim Oak Press online and in the comments below!

It’s only the beginning. We will be officially announcing the expanded 2018 Grim Oak Press line-up and the big reveal of Unfettered III on Grim Oak Shield!

But first of all, we are thankful for all of you! You are the reason we are ultimately doing this. Without you and your passion for SF&F, our passion could never be realized.

Happy Thanksgiving! Keep reading great books!

Shawn Speakman

7 thoughts on “Announcing Our New Partner Jeff Lawson

  1. Congrats on the expansion and to bringing Jeff on board. I look forward to seeing continued good things from Grim Oak Press.

  2. I often wondered how one person could do so much so well?
    Welcome Jeff, look forward to dealing with you in the future.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  3. Welcome Jeff and Family! Best of luck for all of you on this new adventure!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you both and your families!
    Congrats on finding the best person to partner with, am so very very happy for you both, and us ofcourse…
    I’m very grateful for Grim Oak and all the fantastic work you do!

  5. That’s great news guys! Onwards and upwards ☺

  6. I think that’s great news, everybody deserves to have a quality family life . I am doubly happy for you that you found someone you trust so much so you can take a step back and actually perhaps enjoy the work you do as well.

  7. Welcome Jeff, Becky and Kendall!
    Congrats, Shawn, on the success of Grim Oak Press, and many thanks for doing what you do! I’m looking forward to hearing more about Grim Oak Shield.

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