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The Twilight Dragon and a Thank You!

I hope you were able to survive the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

This is a huge thank you to everyone who either placed orders for Grim Oak Press books or helped spread the word about our deals. It was a fun weekend on our end and Jeff is already in the warehouse shipping out those orders!

We have worked hard at putting free copies of The Twilight Dragon into those orders that met the Black Friday criteria we shared. If you receive your order from this weekend and it doesn’t have a copy of The Twilight Dragon but you think it should have been in there, simply write us an email and we will get it all worked out.

Again, thank you for keeping us busy! Because who knows what would happen if we had too much time on our hands!

Happy Tuesday!

Shawn Speakman

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  1. You all are fantastic! Thank YOU!!!

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