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Holiday Closing Date & Todd Lockwood Has Signed Books

This year, Grim Oak Press will be closing for the holiday season on December 14.

That will allow us to get all orders shipped out for Christmas and for them to arrive if people are using Priority Mail.

We have some fun news to pass along as well. Artist and writer Todd Lockwood came over a few days ago and we put a bunch of books in front of him. He defaced them as did I. Double-signed copies of The Dark Thorn, Unfettered, Unbound, The Twilight Dragon, and Unfettered II! I think Lockwood even put a little dragon in each one.

For those of you who love multi-signed books, these will go fairly quickly, especially during the holiday season. First come, first shipped and out the door!

Get your orders in! The sooner you do the sooner they will arrive!

Best Holiday Wishes,

2 thoughts on “Holiday Closing Date & Todd Lockwood Has Signed Books

  1. Since you didn’t mention how many of each were “defaced” I assume it’ll be luck/a surprise if we order and receive one? I’m not complaining, I needed both Unfettered II and Unbound anyways so I ordered them.

    1. When the double-signed books are sold out, I’ll post about it so people know. 🙂

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