Welcome to Grim Oak Press Auctions!

This section of Grim Oak Press is designed to help raise money for those people in the science fiction/fantasy community who have fallen on hard times due to medical debt.

The first person I am supporting is bookseller Duane Wilkins:

Terry Brooks with Duane – 2012
Duane Wilkins

Duane has been the science fiction and fantasy buyer for University Bookstore in Seattle, WA for decades.

He has built one of the best speculative fiction sections in the world in one of the best independent bookstores. He is also one of the most knowledgeable people in this business. Last year, Duane was diagnosed with an acute infection that resulted in a two-week hospital stay. While he has health insurance, it doesn’t pay everything, and we helped eliminate those medical costs. But on October 13, 2014, Duane returned to the hospital to have minor heart surgery and those new medical bills must be countered.

Any fantasy writer who has toured knows Duane. They know how important he is to the science fiction and fantasy community. We do too.

Below is a list of auctions, 100% of the proceeds from which will go to alleviating Duane’s medical debt.

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To place a bid, you must be a registered WordPress user on Grim Oak Press. By becoming winning bidders of these books, we will together defeat medical debt one person at a time! Thank you for bidding and supporting such a great cause. It means a lot!

If you do not have PayPal but wish to bid, email Art Boulton ( who is overseeing these auctions!

Thank you for donating your money and humanity to these auctions!

And good luck!