25 Sub Press Copies of Red Rising Available Now

25 Sub Press Copies of Red Rising Available Now

Red Rising by Pierce Brown is one of my favorite books of the last decade.

It is not hard to imagine then that I wanted to produce beautiful editions of it and its sequels. But when I approached Penguin Random House about the rights to do so, those rights had already sold. To Subterranean Press.

Which was absolutely fine by me. Sub Press has long produced beautiful editions of many of my favorite novels and I've built a wonderful professional relationship with them, their guidance when I launched Unfettered as important as the authors who contributed to that anthology. I knew Brown's book would be in caring hands. From the moment I saw the Tommy Arnold cover art, I fell in love with the forthcoming limited edition. I wrote the small press in hopes of buying a few copies for Grim Oak Press -- and thankfully Bill at Sub Press accommodated 25 copies.

The lettered and limited editions of the Sub Press Red Rising sold out almost immediately. That makes these 25 copies that Grim Oak Press has just received quite precious.

These will sell out almost immediately, if I am better. First ordered, first served!

Bloodydamn, this is a beautiful book! Can't wait to see Golden Son!

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Editorial Director

PS: Don't forget the signed Pierce Brown comic books on The Signed Page and the signed Red Rising Trilogy trade paperbacks on Grim Oak Shield!

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