A Grim Oak Shield Auction You Cannot Miss

A Grim Oak Shield Auction You Cannot Miss

What: An ultra rare edition of The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks

When: Wednesday @ 5:00PM PDT, May 16th, lasting for 7 days

Where: Hosted on ebay and can be found on our auctions page or directly here

As many of you know, Shawn and I have always had a passion to give back to those in need, which is a big reason we founded our non-profit organization, Grim Oak Shield. As we look at ways to help people and causes, I was lucky enough to come across an opportunity to help a local family's foundation in honor of their daughter, Kyla, whom they lost 13 years ago to brain cancer. She was just 7 years old. This is one of the most heartbreaking stories, hitting especially close to home since Shawn and I have small children of our own. I cannot imagine the pain this family endured and their continued bravery in fighting this disease. Reading their story brought me to tears...and inspired Shawn and I to do something to help.  

Thus, "The Trunk of Amazing and Unique Secrets" was opened and out came something so cool and rare that it had to be a new Grim Oak Shield auction benefiting the incredible cause established for Kyla: The Kyla McCullough Gift Fund

This edition of The Sword of Shannara is so rare that some would say it does not exist, so unique that only 3 people have ever seen one, and so well written that it had to come from the hands of Terry Brooks. It is tome-like, exuding that wonderful combination of quality and craftsmanship with its soft, genuine leather cover, banded spine, heavy paper, sewn in ribbon, and gold stamping.  The book includes all interior artwork and a full-color folded insert by Marc Simonetti.   Both his adaption of The Hall of Kings for this cover and his interior illustrations were nominated for Chesley Awards this year.  The book is also signed by Brooks and Simonetti, is limited to 5 numbered copies, and housed in a protective clamshell made specifically for this edition.

So, how can we make this auction even sweeter, you ask?  What if we were to include a rare Advance Reader Copy of Terry Brooks' new science fiction thriller, Street Freaks!  You want more???  How about Grim Oak Shield will match the winning bid in cash (up to $2500)!  That is right, not only will proceeds of the auction go directly to Kyla's fund, we will add up to $2500 to the check we write.

We are very excited for this opportunity and we know the Grim Oak Community will be as well.  It is a chance to help make a difference and put something on your shelf that none of your friends will have.

This auction will go live today, May 16th, at 5:00 PM PDT on ebay.


Shawn & Jeff

More about Kyla's foundation: 

The foundation is called the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund and was founded in 2006. The money this foundation raises goes directly to cancer research, families in need, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon. It is doing good in a world and time that needs it the most.

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