A Wishsong Illustration, A Podcast, & Street Freaks

A Wishsong Illustration, A Podcast, & Street Freaks

It is an exciting time to be a Terry Brooks fan!

First, Street Freaks publishes next week on October 2nd! It is a wholly new direction for Terry while still being a BrooksBook, a SF futuristic thriller garnering great reviews from peers and reviewers alike. Terry will be signing copies of the trade hardcover edition for Grim Oak Press like he usually does for The Signed Page. Details here!

Then we have the lettered and limited editions of The Wishsong of Shannara, which will ship in early December. Marc Simonetti is painting the interior artwork for the third Shannara book right now and it's absolutely epic. To celebrate this, Marc and Grim Oak Press are revealing one. Here is Allanon and Rone Leah at the waters of the Hadeshorn:

If you haven't placed your order for The Wishsong of Shannara yet—or if you haven't notified someone that you want this book as a holiday gift—now is the time to do so! These will go fast the closer we get to printing. We match previous edition numbers too whenever possible.

And finally, Terry visited KISW 99.9 The Rock of Seattle radio station last week in support of Street Freaks. Why did he do that? KISW's radio personalities are all geeks and fans of his work! Below is the podcast where Terry talks about the new book, Shannara, and other fun topics!

Hope you enjoy! Stay geeky!

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Editorial Director

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