Black Friday, Novik Lettered Editions, and Shannara

Black Friday, Novik Lettered Editions, and Shannara

Hi Grim Oakers,

I hope your Fall has begun with beauty and a lot of reading!

Thanksgiving in the United States is next week and numerous holidays follow it. That also means Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and books being wrapped and gifted to friends and family! Oh, and cookies. And pies!

But first, some news. Let's talk about Naomi Novik and In His Majesty's Service. Some people opted not to buy their Lettered Edition of the book in the time period they were allotted. That means we have a few available. The remaining copies will go live on the website on Tuesday, November 22nd at 11AM PST. Only people who do not already own one can buy one of these copies. The Limited Edition is still available HERE.

More news. For you Shannara fans, the Indomitable and The Scions of Shannara Kickstarter copies have shipped to their backers. The remaining books, slipcases, coins, and other items will be available for order on The Signed Page on Cyber Monday, November 28th at 11AM PST. Since these items are not in the Grim Oak warehouse, these are separate from Grim Oak Press orders and cannot be combined with them.

And even more news. We are keeping Black Friday and Cyber Monday simple this year. Becky has been diligent in keeping slightly damaged copies of our books this 2022. Though not flawless, these copies make for excellent reading/PC copies. No, we will not share what flaws exist as we simply do not have the time for that. The books will be discounted Black Friday, November 25th at 9AM PST. So take advantage!

And to celebrate the upcoming gift-giving season, I want to highlight one book that I love. It is the BFCMSpecial: Dragonsbane Limited PC Edition with Slipcase. It is triple-signed by Barbara Hambly, Michael Whelan, and Brandon Sanderson, and it comes with a slipcase. It's the book that got Brandon into reading fantasy, so it is clearly an important book. We don't have many of them, so when they are gone they be gone!

If you have any questions about this, feel free to write us. We are around as we ship out copies of Digger.

Thankful for all of you!

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Creative Director



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