Celebrating The Unremembered With A Sale

Celebrating The Unremembered With A Sale

I have known Peter Orullian a long time.

He and I met at a University Book Store fantasy event in Seattle, WA about ten years ago. We hit it off. We both love music. We both love fantasy. And we absolutely love writing. Forget the envy that I—as the baldest of bald men—had about his long flowing hair. We became fast friends.

When his first epic fantasy novel, The Unremembered, published, I loved it. He is a lyrical writer—you can hear the music in his craft—that can also spin great characters and conflict. Those of you who read his Unfettered short story know the power behind his words. He had numerous people also enjoy The Unremembered, authors who confirmed my own feelings with their own. It seemed a natural book to produce in a beautiful signed and limited edition.

The Unremembered on Grim Oak Press is that beautiful signed and limited edition.

I am not the only one who loved it:

“A sprawling complex tale of magic and destiny that won't disappoint its readers. This auspicious beginning for author Peter Orullian will have you looking forward to more.” Terry Brooks

Fast forward a bit. Peter took on a fun project several months ago, a book based on a Dream Theater concept album. That book publishes in its limited edition from a different press in about two weeks. But to celebrate all things Orullian, we at Grim Oak Press decided to discount The Unremembered to $30 for a short time!

The Unremembered is leatherbound, has a ribbon, is made with the very best materials, and is signed by Peter. For $30, it is a Grim Oak Press steal.

If you love epic fantasy and you need a new book to read, The Unremembered by Peter Orullian is a great way to go!

Happy reading!

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Editorial Director


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