Cover Reveal: Warrior by Terry Brooks

Cover Reveal: Warrior by Terry Brooks

Next week, Warrior by Terry Brooks publishes on September 11, 2018!

It is one of those rare moments in Terry Brooks's career. For years, he said he likely would not return to the Word/Void trilogy and for years that remained true. No longer. Warrior is a novella set in that mythos, a powerful return to that storyline and one I think his readers are going to love.

Here is more about it:

In 1997, Terry Brooks reinvented the fantasy genre with Running with the Demon, a dark contemporary urban fantasy. Now he returns to that Word and Void mythos with a novella sure to delight his readers and a story as powerful as that previous trilogy.

Sinnissippi Park, in Hopewell, Illinois, has long been a place of magic.

Jack McCall learned this at a young age when confronted with a deadly childhood disease. He overcame that threat with aid from the unlikeliest of companions -- the woodland creature Pick and his trusted owl Daniel -- and the magic that existed within his own heart.

Now grown, Jack has graduated from college, leaving behind that terrible time and having never witnessed magic again. That is about to change. Lacking direction in life, he is summoned by the Lady, who recruits men and women to the service of the Word. For she is in dire need of Jack's unique history to help preserve the world's future -- a service that will be needed only once but on which all things hinge.

A NOTE: Warrior is a 32,000-word novella, about 1/3 the size of a normal novel. It will only be made available as an ebook until it joins the short story collection that Terry has planned one day. Those who pre-order the e-novella from the Grim Oak Press website will be sent an email on the September 11, 2018 release day with instructions how to download it. You can order it as a MOBI, EPUB, or PDF (PDF is good for those of you who do not have an e-reader and who want to print it off). You can also order from Amazon (Kindle), B&N (Nook), Kobo, etc. if you like.

AND EVEN ANOTHER NOTE: Warrior is a direct sequel to Imaginary Friends. You can find Imaginary Friends in the anthology Unfettered. It is in hardcover as well as on your favorite ebook platform. Hope you will join Terry on a new journey with a new Knight of the Word!

With Word Magic,

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Editorial Director

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