Details: Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2020

Details: Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2020

It's that time of year again!  Building on the fun from our Mystery Boxes of 2018 and 2019, we have designed even better deals for you this year. Take a look below to see what we have planned:

The Lesser Evil Box of Trade is a great way to stock up on some of our trade edition titles you may be missing.  It will include 4 randomly selected books from the below list, plus Street Freaks and The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey Chapbooks.  Possible titles included are:

    •    Unfettered, Trade Hardcover, Signed by the Editor
    •    Unfettered II, Trade Hardcover, Signed by the Editor
    •    Unfettered III, Trade Hardcover, Signed by the Editor
    •    Unbound, Trade Hardcover, Signed by the Editor
    •    Unfettered II, Advanced Reader Copy, Signed by the Editor
    •    Unfettered III, Advanced Reader Copy, Signed by the Editor
    •    Unfettered III, ECCC Exclusive ARC, Signed by the Editor
    •    The Dark Thorn, Trade Hardcover, Signed
    •    The Twilight Dragon, Trade Hardcover, Signed
    •    Street Freaks, Trade Hardcover
As a bonus, boxes may contain International Shannara books by Terry Brooks.

Grim Oak Press has a reputation for high quality books.  This being said, by the end of the year we end up with many that cannot be sold retail.  The Bibliophile's Box of Mystery will contain 5 books total including 2 stamped PC copies of our Limited or Lettered editions, at least one slipcase or clamshell, and 3 trade editions.  The titles chosen will be totally random.  Definitely a great way to check out our books at a discounted price!

Possible Limited/Lettered titles included:

    •    Lord Foul's Bane
    •    Red Queen's War
    •    Uprooted
    •    Spinning Silver
    •    First King of Shannara
    •    The Elfstones of Shannara
    •    The Wishsong of Shannara
    •    Sometimes the Magic Works
    •    Street Freaks
    •    Elegy for Darkness
    •    Wizard of the Pigeons
    •    Faerie Tale
    •    Magician
    •    Silverthorn
    •    Daughter of the Empire
    •    Pawn of Prophecy
    •    The Unremembered
    •    Shadowed Souls

The Freaks Box of Starting is a great buy to begin your Grim Oak Collection or to add some additional books to your library.  It brings you 2 of our finest titles, in Limited Edition format, signed by the author and artist and numbered for uniqueness and rarity.  In addition this pack will contain a stamped PC copy (may have slight damage), 1 tube of random artwork (fold outs, dust jackets etc.) and a Street Freaks paperback ARC.

This is a wonderful gift pack filled with so much awesomeness!  It will include 1 Numbered Limited Edition Grim Oak Title, 2 Numbered Limited Editions from Subterranean Press, Unfettered II ARC, Unfettered III ECC ARC, and a multi-signed Unfettered III ARC.  A special thanks to Subterranean Press for their donations.  With proceeds going to charity, you can feel good about this purchase and add some fantastic titles to your collection!

The Publishers Box of Rare Magic contains Publishers Copies of some of our most sought after books.  It includes one Lettered Edition as well as a sold out Lord Fouls Bane.  In addition you will receive an Unbound multi-signed Limited Edition (may have slight damage) and 2 other Limited Editions (may have slight damages).  That is 5 books in all and is sure to bring excitement to the book enthusiast.  Grab it while you can!

Limited quantities of each box will be available on November 27th's Black Friday morning at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. The deals will last through Cyber Monday.

We are also offering a 10% coupon when you purchase any in-stock Limited Edition, Anthology, or Trade Edition.

Code:  BFCM2020

Note: The code excludes BFCM Mystery Boxes, Lettered Editions, ARCs, Electronic Publications, Empire Series, Book Protection, and Merchandise

Hope to see you online Black Friday! Or Cyber Monday! Or both!

With Magic,
Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Creative Director

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