Don Maitz Is Delivering Faerie Tale Illustrations

Don Maitz Is Delivering Faerie Tale Illustrations

An artist's work is never done.

In Don Maitz's case, probably more "never" than usual.

The Hugo Award-winning artist has worked in the SF&F industry for decades, painting some of the most iconic cover art in the genre. The original painting he did for Faerie Tale is one of my favorite pieces, macabre while capturing the otherword faerie essence of the book.

Now, thirty years later, he has returned to that book, reading it again to produce interior illustrations for the Grim Oak Press edition of Raymond E. Feist's magical dark contemporary fantasy. It must feel like Maitz has come home in some ways.

As an update, Maitz has already started creating those interiors, having turned in four of the ten he has been contracted to produce. For those of you not familiar with this great novel, the book is broken up into monthly sections, the months that it takes for the story to play out. Maitz has decided to illustrate each month, a piece of art showcasing elements from both the real world and that of faerie. And they are gorgeous! I can't wait for you to see them all in the finished book. 

Below is one of two illustrations I'll be showing you over the next three months as the book gets closer to going to the printer:

The Lettered Edition of Faerie Tale is sold out. But the Limited Edition of Faerie Tale will be a gorgeous edition as well, perfect for Raymond E. Feist fans, urban fantasy fans, and those wanting to ensure their purchase of our forthcoming editions of Magician and Daughter of the Empire—which we might put on sale next month since Maitz is ahead of the game on Faerie Tale!

More news when we have it!

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Editorial Director


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