Grim Oak Press Is Moving! No Joke!

Grim Oak Press Is Moving! No Joke!

Hi Grim Oakers,

It is April 2nd. The sun is out again in the PNW which always puts me in a good mood. And I have some exciting news to share.

But first, an apology. I love April Fool's Day. I've been pranking people for two decades. Paris Hilton playing Willow in the film adaptation of Terry Brooks's Landover movie? Yes, please! George R. R. Martin publishing only one copy of The Winds of Winter and hiding it in one bookstore? Let the bloodbath begin! Etc.

For April 1st this year, I revealed on the Grim Oak Facebook community that we would be closing our "warehouse's door" for the last time. Some people got upset; some people saw a joke. I sat here grinning—because the truth of the matter is, both are wrong. Or both right?

You see, my very good friends the Lawsons run the Grim Oak warehouse. For years, they have wanted to downsize and move closer to House Speakman. Well, the time has finally come. They have purchased a new home (without a shop) about 30 minutes from me. And since then, I've been hunting for a location that fits our warehousing needs. And we found one.

So as you can see, I didn't actually lie yesterday on April 1st. Our old warehouse's door will close for a final time. But Grim Oak is thriving, needing more space, and we are simply getting a new door at a new location.

News about how this will impact our upcoming titles will be shared as soon as we know it. We have to sign the lease first. Then we will work with our bindery to ensure deliveries are switched to the new address. Then there is the lag of a few weeks while we move thousands of books and set up the new warehouse. We hope you understand!

In other news, friend and Grim Oak Press artist Todd Lockwood has a new Kickstarter that's starting today! It is his amazing take on The Twelve Days of Christmas. I've seen it all and it's super fun. Click one of those links to follow it for when it launches.

And finally, a reminder. On April 4th at 2PM ET / 11AM PT, I will conduct a Grim Oak Facebook Live where Jeff and I will share two new projects we will be crowdfunding this year. We will also take your questions!

Trying not to let the stress of the move destroy us! Ha!

With Magic,

Shawn Speakman
Creative Director & Publisher
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