How To Order: In His Majesty's Service

How To Order: In His Majesty's Service

Hi Grim Oakers,

Grim Oak Press is honored to publish beautiful special editions of the first three Temeraire novels by Naomi Novik collected into an illustrated omnibus titled In His Majesty's Service. Art is by Naomi Novik-favorite artist Daniel Govar. These special editions are going to be gorgeous, that I promise you. Because Laurence and Temeraire deserve it!

Where are we at in the process? We have the publisher files and are designing the interior. Daniel Govar has finished art duties. Signature pages will be printed this week and will be signed by Daniel and Naomi over the next month. We have already requested printing and binding estimates and files will be finalized and uploaded this week. In short, we are way ahead in production.

So what's left? You! This Friday, October 14th, at 11AM PT, the pre-order product pages will go live and you'll be able order your copies. What are the edition details? Here we go:


    •    Double-signed by Naomi Novik and Daniel Govar
    •    Dust jacket
    •    Leather-bound: foiled boards
    •    10 full-color interior plates
    •    Satin ribbon sewn into binding
    •    60# high-quality paper used
    •    Slipcase available for pre-order
    •    Up to 1000 copies available for pre-order


    •    Double-signed by Naomi Novik and Daniel Govar
    •    Dust jacket: N/A
    •    Leather-bound: foiled boards
    •    Hubbed spine
    •    Beautiful upgraded endpapers
    •    10 full-color interior plates
    •    1 full-color fold-out plate 
    •    Satin ribbon sewn into binding
    •    60# high-quality paper used
    •    Clamshell included
    •    78 copies available for pre-order

There will not be a separate pre-order period for Spinning Silver Limited Edition owners, as we are producing more copies of In His Majesty's Service and feel it should be fine as long as you order Friday. Of course, we will do our best to match your Spinning Silver number to the same In His Majesty's Service number. And do NOT forget to put your In His Majesty's Service slipcase into your shopping cart to save on shipping if you want that extra protection for your book!

For those of you who own the Lettered Edition of Spinning Silver, you'll be hearing from Becky how to order your matching letter. You will have one month to place that order. After that, your copy will be made available through a lottery situation. We are also producing an extra 26 copies of the Lettered Edition that will go on sale on October 14th at 11AM PT too.

And before someone asks, yes, Naomi, Daniel, and Grim Oak will be producing two more omnibuses to complete the nine-book series.

If you have questions, do feel free to reach out. Otherwise, see you Friday!

In Dragon Flight,

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Creative Director

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