Kickstarter Is Live: The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey

Kickstarter Is Live: The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey

Hi Everyone,

This is a short email to share that the Kickstarter for The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey is now live. It means you can pledge money to own whichever edition of the book you wish. You can read more about me, the author blurbs on the book, read the excerpts, watch the Kickstarter trailer, and see all the goodies I have planned. I tried creating tiers with various prices so everyone can partake. I am really proud of this book… but a book about giant robots and dragons still makes me excited. I hope you think so too!

Terry Brooks and Robin Hobb loved the book and their blurbs are so welcome. But there is backstory to this like how Brandon Sanderson shaped this book. Learn how Patrick Rothfuss asked me to write a short story that led directly to the novella presented in the Kickstarter. See what books I read as a teen that influenced Antiquity Grey’s story. And coins. COINS, I SAY! And so much more!

Click HERE to visit the Kickstarter page and pledge! Select pledges are 20% for 2 days only. So take advantage!

A quick note: The white-covered hardcover ARC that will ship in December will be available as an add-on when the Kickstarter hopefully kicks. So if you want that ARC… and I know a lot of you do… no worries. It is still in the Kickstarter and for you holiday gift-giving folks.

Thank YOU ALL for your kind words, suggestions, and patience. You know me: I always want to do right by you. The same will be true here. I promise. But without you, this simply wouldn’t work. So thank you!

With Mech Magic,
Shawn Speakman

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