Magician Arrives & Holiday Shipping Details

Magician Arrives & Holiday Shipping Details

It is always a great day when a book finally arrives to the Grim Oak warehouse!

That's what happened last week. Jeff received limited edition copies of Magician double-signed by Raymond E. Feist and artist Don Maitz! Woo!

Like many of you, I read Magician split into two paperbacks. I loved those books and I knew if I expanded Grim Oak that I would one day produce a beautiful hardcover of it. Now that hardcover has arrived. And it's gorgeous. I'm so pleased by it. It's going to sit proudly alongside my Grim Oak copy of Faerie Tale!

Upon finishing shipment of all Black Friday & Cyber Monday books yesterday, Jeff has now turned his attention to shipping the limited edition copies of Magician. It will take him about two weeks to complete but he's working as hard and as fast as he can. Thankfully it appears the books arrived in pristine condition. So did the slipcases. If you've ordered your copy, expect it soon! And if you haven't ordered your copy, now is a great time to do so!

The lettered edition of Magician is still at the printer though. Lettered editions always arrive a few weeks later. The printer is inserting the full-color fold out, binding accordingly, and producing the clamshells. We hope to have these by month's end and they will ship out pretty quickly upon receiving them.

What's up next when it comes to Midkemia? Janny Wurts is working on the interiors for Daughter of the Empire. You can pre-order that here. And on January 3rd, we will announce the pre-order period for Silverthorn double-signed by Raymond E. Feist and Don Maitz! More details on that coming up in the New Year!

And what's finished and at the printer? The lettered edition of The Wishsong of Shannara by Terry Brooks & Marc Simonetti, Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen R. Donaldson & Allen Morris, Elegy for Darkness by Jacqueline Carey & Donato, and Red Queen's War by Mark Lawrence & Jason Chan are all completed and in the printer's queue. Will keep you up to date with how those are progressing when we know more!

Beta readers are working on Pawn of Prophecy right now. And we are gearing up for beta readers on First King of Shannara and Dragonsbane!

And Todd Lockwood will be starting his art for Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight soon... 

... yes, we have a lot going on! And it's all quite exciting!

Concerning our holiday hours, Jeff feels like those in the United States can order Grim Oak Press books up until Thursday, December 19th, so long as people order with Priority Mail. For media mail, the cut off is Thursday, December 12th this week.

If you have any questions, do let us know! We are always around!

Happy Holidays!

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Creative Director


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