Pre-Order Now: Elegy for Darkness by Jacqueline Carey

Pre-Order Now: Elegy for Darkness by Jacqueline Carey

Hi Everyone,

I'm am thrilled to announce a new book we will be publishing!

When I published Unfettered, I thought of projects I wanted to produce as beautiful editions. Two different properties came right to mind. The original Shannara trilogy by Terry Brooks. And The Sundering duology by Jacqueline Carey.

Obviously we've done the Shannara trilogy. The Sundering would happen too when the time was right.

That time is now. Jacqueline and I have been friends a long time and, when I finished Unfettered all those years ago, her and I talked about taking the two novels that comprise The Sundering and publishing them together as one book. As they were initially intended. With its original title too, Elegy for Darkness. I attained the rights to publish the books as one. And here we are!

Why do I love Elegy for Darkness? First, Jacqueline is one of the finest writers working today. Her prose is beautiful, her character development is top of the genre, and her imagination is unparalleled. But it's her take on this story that grabbed me. It's an epic fantasy that is actually an epic tragedy--a retelling of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings but told from the point of view of the losing side.

In short, this is a perfect book for those of you who love epic fantasy and/or Lord of the Rings. To bring this dark story to life, I went out and got one of the best Tolkien artists working today, Donato.

I have other good news to report too. Donato has been hard at work producing the interior artwork for Elegy for Darkness. He is finished with it. Donato took a darker approach to the interior art on this one to fit the story. And he is finisehed with the cover art too! Once we get the files from the publisher and get the book designed, we will be moving Elegy for Darkness into production!

The turn around time for this book will be fast. It will be an early summer release! Excited for this one!

If you have questions, please let us know!

Best Magic To You,

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Editorial Director

PS: Here is a Donato interior!

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