Pre-Order Now: Faerie Tale

Pre-Order Now: Faerie Tale

Raymond E. Feist is a foundational cornerstone of fantasy.

It should be no surprise to any of you that Feist is one of the first fantasy writers I read. After Terry Brooks and Stephen R. Donaldson, Feist was next on the list, his ability to create worlds and compelling characters second to none. Magician, Silverthorn, and A Darkness at Sethanon are forever a part of me and, later this year, I am thrilled to produce beautiful and fully illustrated signed editions of those books.

But Faerie Tale. Ahh, Faerie Tale. Faerie Tale is the first book that really enchanted me. With its dark twists and faerie and Celtic/Gaelic/Germanic influences. With its twins, Sean and Patrick. And the Bad Thing. The Erl King. The Seelie and Unseelie. Wayland Smith and others. It's a dark, contemporary fantasy of the best kind, in many ways precursing the urban fantasy that exists in bookstores today.

And now, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Faerie Tale, Grim Oak Press is producing two gorgeous editions:

  • Limited: 750 signed and numbered leather hardcover copies
  • Lettered: 52 signed and leather bound copies, housed in a custom slipcase or traycase if you purchase one

The Don Maitz cover art on this blog post is the artwork used on the original hardcover release in the United Kingdom, a painting that Feist owns and loves. We may use it for these editions; we may hire Don to create a brand new painting for them. What would you want? Regardless, having Don produce art is perfect for the 30th anniversary release of this magical novel. And he will be producing all-new interior illustrations too.

And before anyone asks, yes, those of you who own a limited or lettered edition of Faerie Tale will have first right of refusal for the same number or letter on Magician and Daughter of the Empire when they go on pre-order in April.

Faerie Tale will make a great addition to your shelf, filled with its own magic.

But beware the Bad Thing!

Publishing: July 2018

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