Pre-Order Now: Silverthorn by Raymond E. Feist

Pre-Order Now: Silverthorn by Raymond E. Feist

It is time to return to Midkemia!

Grim Oak Press is pleased to open limited edition pre-orders for Silverthorn double-signed by Raymond E. Feist and Don Maitz!

It is the sequel to Magician, one of my favorite books, and it continues the story of Pug, Tomas, Jimmy the Hand, and Prince Arutha. A poisoned bolt has struck down the Princess Anita on the day of her wedding to Prince Arutha of Krondor. To save his beloved, Arutha sets out in search of the mystics herb called Silverthorn that only grows in the dark and forbidding land of the Spellweavers. Accompanied by a mercenary, a minstrel, and a clever young thief, he will confront an ancient evil and do battle with the dark powers that threaten the enchanted realm of Midkemia.

Since we received copies of Magician last month into the Grim Oak warehouse and all limited edition orders have been shipped, we can now announce the limited edition of Silverthorn.

It will be limited to 750 copies. It will be double-signed by author Raymond E. Feist and cover/interior illustrator Don Maitz. Don will be producing 8 new interior pieces of art for the book to go along with his stunning wrap around cover. The book will be produced with the highest quality materials and we hope to ship sometime in the summer. Jeff will automatically match your numbered Magician to your pre-ordered numbered Silverthorn too.

For those of you who hold a lettered edition of Magician, be expecting an email from Jeff in the next two weeks about ordering your matching lettered edition of Silverthorn.

And don't forget! If you want a slipcase to keep your book safe, order it at the same time as Silverthorn so you save on shipping!

I can't wait to add Silverthorn alongside my copies of Faerie Tale and Magician! I know many of you feel the same way. And A Darkness At Sethanon looms...

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Jeff and I are always around.

Happy New Year!

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Creative Director

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