Shipping Update: Carey, Donaldson, Lawrence, Slipcases

Shipping Update: Carey, Donaldson, Lawrence, Slipcases

Hi Everyone,

Last week, we received in copies of Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen R. Donaldson, Elegy for Darkness by Jacqueline Carey, and Red Queen's War by Mark Lawrence.

That was a lot of books to get all at once. I drove three hours down to the warehouse to help Jeff start shipping because we needed all hands on deck. For three days, we shipped, shipped, shipped. And managed to get all copies of Lord Foul's Bane into the mail. A few people didn't get their pre-ordered slipcases shipped since we received some damaged ones. We have placed a new order for more slipcases to cover the damaged ones as well as have more on hand for those of you who didn't order but want to now. If you haven't ordered a slipcase but want one, click here.

That is not all. I shipped out the lettered edition of Elegy for Darkness, as we were waiting on a lagging pallet of slipcases for the limited edition book. We received those slipcases. We have a small issue with those that we are trying to resolve with the printer but all might be well. We shall see! Will know more Tuesday.

In the meantime, Jeff has returned from a trip to San Jose. The original plan was me coming down again to help ship. Unfortunately, Jeff was possibly exposed to COVID-19 and he has been pretty adamant that I not come down to help ship Red Queen's War. I'm immunocompromised as some of you know and it's a risk that I don't particularly want to take.

What does this all mean? It means that Jeff will start shipping these books on his own. He can probably do a few dozen a day. In short, be patient. Your copies of Red Queen's War are coming soon. And after that, we should have a resolution on the Elegy for Darkness slipcases and they will ship as well.

We also have Magician slipcases back up for order. Should be getting those by month's end. Feel free to pre-order one now if you missed out!

There is your update. Books are coming. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Stay healthy!

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Creative Director

PS: FYI! Monday will see a pre-order launch for The Art of Todd Lockwood: Found Worlds. It will launch at 10:00 AM PDT! Stay tuned!

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