Spinning Silver Arrives! And Megan Lindholm Photos!

Spinning Silver Arrives! And Megan Lindholm Photos!

Hi Devoted Grim Oakers,

I hope this finds you all safe and healthy.

A short note I want to share. First, we received copies of Spinning Silver double-signed by Naomi Novik and Donato! Along with slipcases and clamshells. Both the limited and lettered editions are gorgeous. The gilding on the pages turned out beautifully, Donato's artwork is amazing, and I can't wait for you to hold them in your loving hands. Jeff and Becky are shipping them out as I type this. Will take a week or so to finish but expect your order soon.

The lettered edition is sold out but you can still order the limited edition HERE. And if you own a limited edition of Uprooted and you haven't ordered Spinning Silver yet, we will match the numbers for you! They belong together as a set.

In other news, I received ARCs of Wizard of the Pigeons last week and Megan Lindholm/Robin Hobb stopped by to sign (yes, we were safe about it). So many cool things happening with this title, I'm bursting with love about it. The National Veterans Foundation -- where we are donating 5% of this book's sales -- is in full support of the book. Turns out one of their directors is a big Lindholm/Hobb fan and he read the book in the '80s. It helped him, as I hope it helps others now. Artist Tommy Arnold has turned in sketches for the interior and he'll be done with his art by month's end. Charlaine Harris blurbed her love of the book and I have no doubt anyone who loves urban fantasy will love Wizard of the Pigeons.


Speaking of Charlaine... we will be publishing a Grim Oak edition of Dead Until Dark, the first Sookie Stackhouse book that launched the hit TV show True Blood! Since Charlaine blurbed Wizard of the Pigeons, I'm thinking I'll let people who order the Lindholm book have first crack at Dead Until Dark for matching numbers. What do you guys think of an October 31st pre-order day?

I'm also cooking up a Kickstarter for my new novel, The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey. I've never done a Kickstarter before and I thought I should. More soon on that front!

Okay, I guess this wasn't short. Apologies.

Until I write you again, stay healthy!

In care,
Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Creative Director

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