The Scions of Shannara Kickstarter Launches Today

The Scions of Shannara Kickstarter Launches Today

Hi Grim Oakers,

A short blog post for what will be a fun day!

Grim Oak Press and Terry Brooks are proud to launch the Kickstarter for brand-new trade hardcovers and special editions of The Scions of Shannara and the Jair Ohmsford short story Indomitable.

The Kickstarter launches in about two hours at 11AM PT.  You can view the different editions we are offering and see what works best for you. Tiers range from $50 to $2000. It just depends what you are looking for and what your budget allows. The Kickstarter will last from February 1st through February 28th. Credit/debit cards will be charged March 14th for whatever pledge tier you select. The pledge tiers do not account for shipping costs or add-ons.

On March 1st, Shawn will launch the Add-On store in BackerKit. The Add-On store will feature additional merchandise items like coins, slipcases, and art prints. You will also have the ability to add additional trade/special editions to your Kickstarter pledge tier. This is also where we charge shipping costs. Be sure to see our estimates for shipping each tier on the Kickstarter (these are the charges that charges us, so if you are angry at international shipping costs, don't blame us).

If all of this meets to your approval and the Kickstarter does well, we will feature new merchandise when we reveal the Kickstarter for The Druid of Shannara. I'm thinking a coffee cup that features the Eilt Druin and words THROUGH COFFEE, POWER. Anyone else want that? Ha!

A few notes:

  • Tier 6 is for those who own the Lettered Edition of First King of Shannara. If you do not own that book, do not try and order Tier 6. You will be removed from the Kickstarter.
  • There have been 52 Lettered Edition sets since we began publishing The Sword of Shannara a few years ago. Those are sold out. But for this Kickstarter, Terry and Shawn decided to open up an additional 26 Lettered Editions of The Scions of Shannara so everyone gets a chance at owning the Heritage set in that format. Select Tier 5, Tier 7, or Tier 9 depending on what you want to pledge.
  • The artwork on Indomitable is not completed. That is a sketch by Marc Simonetti. We will post the final cover after the art is finished.
  • Books are shipping in August 2021. These are not in stock now.
  • We plan on doing the rest of the Heritage series if this does well.
  • If you know you are wanting  merchandise Add-Ons in BackerKit, feel free to add those needed monies onto your Kickstarter pledge. It goes toward the Kickstarter's stretch goals, which help everyone if they are opened!
  • Terry will not be personalizing any of these books. He is only signing.
  • Shawn will conduct a Facebook Live on Terry's Facebook page at 10AM PT to answer any questions you might have leading up to the Kickstarter launch at 11AM PT.

I hope you have a wonderful week. And let's get it off to a good start with this Kickstarter!

With Magic,

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Creative Director



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