Unbound II: ARC Giveaway Details

Unbound II: ARC Giveaway Details

Hi Grim Oak Bibliophiles,

There are two ARC giveaways occurring right now for my forthcoming new anthology, Unbound II. These ARCs are of the trade paperback variety, sent to such outlets Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Library Journal, and the like for early reviews that help drive sales. I always produce a few more for all of you. Because it's fun and I know you love it.

US Residents: How can you win one of these ARCs? The first giveaway is for people in the United States and it is being conducted by Goodreads. Click HERE to see details and enter. There are 25 ARCs up for grabs there.

International Residents: I can't leave you international readers in the lurch though, right? Therefore, you can enter to win an ARC HERE. If you have the means to pay the shipping, we'd love that. But if you can't, don't let that dissuade you from entering.

And don't forget the hardcover ARC and the trade hardcover -- both signed by me -- are available for pre-order NOW. Get those orders in so we can prepare for shipping them earlier than the December 6th release date!

Who contributed to Unbound II's table of contents? Here you go:

  • Dyrk Ashton
  • Kristen Britain
  • Saara El-Arifi
  • Kevin Hearne
  • Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
  • Mark Lawrence
  • Peter Orullian
  • Tamora Pierce
  • Jordan Ross
  • Ken Scholes
  • Anna Smith Spark
  • Shawn Speakman
  • Jon Sprunk
  • Anna Stephens
  • Patrick Swenson
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • Django Wexler

Okay, back to work for me. Hope you are having a lovely day!

With Annwn Magic,

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Creative Director

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