Get Your Copy of Unfettered III Now!

Get Your Copy of Unfettered III Now!

Unfettered III publishes today!

I'm always excited about release days. This one is no exception. So much work and love went into this anthology and it's great to finally celebrate its release with you! Unfettered III is the largest anthology I've put together, a 768 page behemoth filled with great SF&F, its stories all quite different and yet filled with magic and mayhem.

It is also the first widely-distributed anthology I've edited, available in all US and Canada bookstores. To help you buy it today in its various editions, I've put together a list of links:

There are various ways to order the trade hardcover. Here is a short list of some of our favorites:

For you electronic readers, fear not. Unfettered III is published in ebook too. Ordering a copy from Grim Oak Press raises more money for charity since it eliminates the cut that other booksellers take but feel free to order from your favorite ebook retailer:

We released an ECCC Exclusive Edition of Unfettered III over the weekend and it sold quite well. We still have about 150 unsigned copies though! If you order one of these gorgeous editions--with its foiled and green dust jacket--I will sign it and ship immediately!

With the S&N of Unbound in stock and the Unfettered II signature pages almost completed, it's time to consider the S&N of Unfettered III. This book has a lot of contributors - too many to fit on one signature page - so we will be splitting the authors up on two different pages, which will speed up the signing process! Pre-order now at:

Unfettered III will also be available on Audible for you audiobook readers! The narrators have finished their work and Audible is creating the final files. When it is finished and available, I will let it be known to one and all!

Happy Release Day, all! And when you read the book, please review it on your favorite bookselling platform! It helps a lot!

With Magic,

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Editorial Director


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