Wishsong Update & A Pierce Brown Auction

Wishsong Update & A Pierce Brown Auction

Welcome to May, Everyone!

I have some frustrating news and some really good news.

First, the frustrating news. On April 8th, I shared the Grim Oak warehouse would receive copies of The Wishsong of Shannara within a few days. We were told this by the printer. The printer -- for whatever reason -- did not ship the books until two weeks later. They sent a few copies to Subterranean Press since they sell our books too, and they sent copies to us. Sub Press got their copies first because they are closer. Jeff and I were waiting on pins and needles, hoping those copies were done up to our standards, very similar standards to what Sub Press maintains.

Sub Press notified us that many of the books had minor marks/stains on their blocks. The same defects were on our copies. When we received our copies, Jeff went through them and found 75% were not pristine. I can't tell you how angry we were and still are. We left a printer because they gave us poor service; now our new printer's service is in question as well.

In short, the printer wants to make it right. Which is great. But that also means the books are being picked up tomorrow and returned so they can be redone. We are told the printer is putting this project at the top of their work queue. No idea when the new books will be finished and sent to us. I'll push for a timeline when the books return back to the printer.

I know Bill at Sub Press sent some of his copies out. Jeff held onto about 80 pristine copies he could salvage, to ship out to the international customers who ordered Sword, Elfstones, and Wishsong on one receipt. The warehouse has been holding onto the first two books for those people and we want to complete those orders. The rest of us -- yes, that includes me -- have to wait for the printer and new copies. Perhaps not fair but we are trying to satisfy as many of you as possible in the best way possible.  Plus, as collectors of fine things, I think we all understand the priority for the folks that haven't even seen the first two in the series!

We are so sorry for the numerous delays on The Wishsong of Shannara. This damages us. We know it. Many of you ordered this book two years ago and the wait has been a long one. But I will not sacrifice quality for shipping sooner in this instance. I doubt that would make anyone happy.

Now. On to the good news.

Grim Oak Shield will be launching an eBay auction for a signed and numbered set of Red Rising, Golden Son, and Morning Star. These books are hard to come by now but Sub Press and Pierce donated five sets to Grim Oak Shield with matching numbers. Those of you who are looking for that limited edition trilogy -- prepare! The auction will go live tonight and end Sunday evening. Get ready to bid!

You can find the auction here:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/293073008650

Also, some of you had asked about other Grim Oak swag, including a tote bag for us hardcore signature collectors.  As a bit of experiment, we had 20 of them made.  I have to say, I love the quality and look.  Heavy cotton and can hold a ton of books as you stand in line to meet your favorite authors.  They are on sale on our site right now for $18.  If you want one and it is to ship separately, you will have to pick Priority Mail as we can't send you one via Media Mail unless it is with a book.  Here is the link:

Grim Oak Press Tote Bag

A more comprehensive project update is coming next week. Stay tuned!

Best Wishes,

Shawn Speakman
Publisher & Editorial Director


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