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A slipcase is a great way to safeguard your book while adding value and visual appeal.

Our slipcases are custom manufactured to fit the Grim Oak title they house.  In addition, they have the matching emblem and lettering of the book making it a perfect compliment to your limited edition.

Note: Slipcase quantities are limited!                     

The production run of slipcases is determined based on pre-sale numbers of slipcases. Not all customers want slipcases for their books and these are an optional add-on.  Due to printing delays, we are not pre-selling titles until they are ready to go to print.  To ensure the slipcase is ready to ship with the book, orders will be placed shortly after the book goes on pre-sale.  To guarantee your slipcase, order early in the pre-order period as quantities are based on pre-ordered amount of slipcases.

Note #2:  Not all Grim Oak titles have a slipcase option.

Note #3: The slipcase for Elegy for Darkness is discounted due to the front stamp being on the opposite board than usual, see product photo.

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