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Subterranean Press

Golden Son Limited Edition

Golden Son Limited Edition

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Grim Oak Press is proud to carry this beautiful Subterranean Press signed limited edition of Golden Son, the best-selling follow on novel by Pierce Brown, with killer cover art by Tommy Arnold.

Dust jacket by Tommy Arnold.

Important Note: There is a limit of one copy per person/household, so if you have already ordered a copy of Golden Son, please do not order another.

Darrow au Andromedus is now a Peerless Scarred, the pinnacle of Gold achievement, yet finds himself at a loss. In the two years since becoming Primus at the Institute and a scion of House Augustus, he has heard nothing from the Sons of Ares, whose underground rebellion is turning into increasingly destructive terrorism. Mustang is gone, and Sevro and the Howlers are scattered to the furthest reaches of the solar system. Darrow is surrounded by the shining brutality and cruelty of the Golds, the memory and warmth of Eo and her dream fading with each pitiless act of revenge.

A chance encounter brings Darrow back into the fold of Ares, but these are not the Sons who Carved him. These are the angry masses, screaming to destroy the Golds and willing to accept any collateral damage no matter what their Color is. Standing on the precipice, Darrow has a choice: Trust in Ares and reject Eo’s dream, or build the world she wanted. What he chooses will change the fate of all Colors. 

Limited: 750 signed numbered hardcover copies

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