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Grim Oak Press

The Twilight Dragon Proof Edition

The Twilight Dragon Proof Edition

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Author: Shawn Speakman
Series: Other Tales of Annwn
Type: Proof Edition
Publisher: Grim Oak Press 
Notes: Rare Leatherbound Proof Copies

Book Description:

The Twilight Dragon & Other Tales of Annwn features four tales of magic and darkness, conflict and shadow. Bridging the stories of The Dark Thorn and the forthcoming novel The Everwinter Wraith, this magical collection expands the mythos of the Annwn Cycle and is sure to entertain new readers to the series as well as old.

  • The Twilight Dragon: Where an ancient dragon seeking a cure for his dying race returns to the Misty Isles of his birth—to devastating result.
  • The Unfettered Knight: Where an unfettered knight enters Rome's Vatican to end the threat of a vampire—who bears the darkest of secrets.
  • The Arch Druid's Grimoires: Where an Arch Druid tracks a witch—who in turn chases a thief who has stolen dangerous books of shadow magic.
  • The White Rose Thief: Where a musician is coerced to return to a past she abhors—to confront a shattered gargoyle whose past is just as shadowy.

As an exclusive bonus, the first three chapters of The Everwinter Wraith are also included in this super rare and limited collection.

For before the snow begins to fall in Annwn, power will position itself throughout land.

And nothing will be the same again.

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