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    Say No to the Cheetos

    The proper handling and storage of any collector item, especially limited edition books with flexing parts, is actually a pretty easy task. It can be achieved with minimal effort and cost, bringing a lifetime of protection and value for your precious collection.  You only need to exercise common sense and follow a few of the basic rules and practices preached by book conservationist everywhere!

    Protective Book Slipcases

    Taking Proper Care When Handling

    Yes!  You just received a beautiful Grim Oak Press limited edition in the mail.  It came in perfect condition and it feels great in your hands.  You realize this was one of your favorite stories ever and you really would like to re-read it.   As you reach for the book you realize this is also an investment and a big part of your overall collection and pause...What should you do?

    This is always a personal choice, but do not fret my friends!  The Grim Oak Press limited editions were meant to be read.  First and foremost, they are a book!  Secondly, our books are crafted to be a great reading experience as well!  They were constructed with very high quality materials, built-in ribbons, and brand new interior illustrations that help visualize some of your favorite scenes.  And lastly, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk of damaging or hurting the long time value of your collection.

    • Make sure your hands are washed and clean (do not put on moisturizer after you wash)
    • Keep food and drinks away (no munching Cheetos while you read)
    • Do not use paper clips, book clips, or colored paper as a bookmark (use the ribbon!)
    • Do not fold the corners or pages (I will pay you a visit if you "dog ear" a Grim Oak book)
    • Keep the open angle as small as possible when reading  (flat at 180 degrees is a bad, bad thing)
    • Always grip the book from the middle of the spine when removing or placing on the shelf (no tipping)

    Storing Your Books To Prolong Life

    Whew.  The book has now survived you reading it and the story was even more amazing than ever!  Now you have to deal with storing it properly to make sure it stays in the great condition you left it in!  There are many, many options in this realm but a few guidelines are always helpful to make sure that book lasts forever.

    • Put it upright on a shelf (not leaning - flat can work for very large books)
    • Put the book next to like-sized books for maximum support
    • Do not put the book in direct sunlight for extended periods of time (they get sunburns too)
    • Keep them away from heater vents (but its so cold....)
    • Dust regularly (books have dust allergies too)
    • Climate controlled - keep humidity and temperature down (room temp, less than 40% humidity)
    • Use things like clamshells, slipcases, or plastic dust jacket sleeves (we sell those!)

    Use of leather dressings is no longer considered a best practice in the conservation of leather-bound books. The general advice above still represents the options (boxing or consulting a conservator) for dealing with the various condition problems that may arise with deteriorating leather, including red rot, stiffness, and discoloration.

    Additional Information

    One of my favorite things about the internet (and sometimes not-so-favorite) is you can find just about anything if you look for it.  There are some great additional resources out there from conservation to reconditioning.  Feel free to search or visit some of the links below:

    The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

    Northeast Document Conservation Center

    Library of Congress


    - The Grim Oak Team

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