FAQ: Name of the Wind

GRIM OAK PRESS is proud to produce beautiful special editions of Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss with stunning art by Chesley Award-winning artist Marc Simonetti.

In preparation for this event, we have gathered many fan and collector questions and answered them in the below FAQ. If you do not see your question answered here, feel free to email us from the Contact page.


Question: When will the special editions of The Name of the Wind go on sale?

Answer: February 7, 2024 at 2PM ET / 11AM PT.

Question: Who can order the special editions of The Name of the Wind?

Answer: Grim Oak Press has contractual rights to sell the special editions to customers who have mailing addresses in the United States and Canada. Gollancz has contractual rights to sell their special editions only outside the US and Canada. Plan accordingly.

Question: What editions will you be producing?

Answer: We have chosen to produce four different editions of The Name of the Wind, a price point for as many people as possible:

  • $150 B&W Double-Signed & Numbered cloth-bound edition with 8 B&W interior illustrations, a full-color signature page, ribbon, unique full-color wrap-around dust jacket, optional slipcase
  • $300 Double-Signed & Numbered bonded-leather edition with 10 full-color interior illustrations, a full-color signature page, ribbon, unique full-color wrap-around dust jacket, optional slipcase
  • $750 Triple-Signed & Lettered bonded-leather edition with 12 full-color interior illustrations a full-color signature page, and 2 full-color fold-out illustrations (dust jacket artwork from S&N editions), ribbon, hubs on spine, heavier paper, thicker boards, clamshell included
  • $1500 Triple-Signed & Rare genuine-leather edition with 14 full-color interior illustrations, a full-color signature page, and 4 full-color fold-out illustrations (dust jacket art from S&N editions plus 2 bonus fold-out illustrations), ribbon, hubs on spine, heavier paper, thicker boards, clamshell included

Question: Who will be signing these editions?

Answer: The $150 and $300 editions will be double-signed by Patrick Rothfuss and artist Marc Simonetti. The $750 and $1500 editions will be triple-signed by Patrick Rothfuss and artists Marc Simonetti and Nate Taylor.

Question: What size will these books be?

Answer: They will be 6"x9" in size.

Question: How many will you produce of each edition?

Answer: We will produce 750 copies of the $150 edition, 1500 copies of the $300 edition, 104 copies of the $750 edition, and 100 of the $1500 edition.

Question: Will there be second printings of these editions?

Answer: We have discussed doing second printings of the $150 and $300 Signed & Numbered editions only if the need arises with the understanding the second printings would not be numbered.

Question: Will you produce second printings of the Lettered or Rare editions?

Answer: No. The Lettered edition is fixed at 104 copies. The Rare edition is open to all limited to 100 copies for the pre-order time period; after that, no more Rare edition copies will be produced.

Question: Will slipcases still be an option or be included with the S&N editions?

Answer:  Custom slipcases will still be an optional add-on for your purchase of the book, however we are working on adding a variant to our product page which will include the slipcase automatically so you do not have to add 2 separate items to the shopping cart.

Question: Will you continue the series with The Wise Man's Fear?

Answer: We have already had talks with DAW Books about securing contractual rights to The Wise Man's Fear and those talks were very positive. A lot of it depends on how well The Name of the Wind does for Grim Oak Press.

Question: Will you produce special editions of the novellas/short works too?

Answer: If there is a demand and we can secure the contractual rights with DAW Books, we would love the opportunity.

Question: Will The Name of the Wind be offered as a Kickstarter?

Answer: No, the books will be available for pre-order on the Grim Oak Press website on February 7th at 2PM ET / 11AM PT.

Question: Will we be able to match The Name of the Wind editions to any previous Grim Oak Press book?

Answer: No, though we work hard at trying to accommodate number/letter requests. At a later date, we will offer the chance to request numbers and letters, with no guarantees you will receive what is requested.

Question: What's the best way to get every edition Grim Oak Press produces?

Answer: We will have a Collector bundle featuring all editions with two slipcases for $3000. It will be limited to 26 bundles and will feature a gorgeous remarque by artist Nate Taylor.

Question: Will I be able to get a Nate Taylor remarque on my order if I don't order the $3000 bundle?

Answer: Not through Grim Oak Press.

Question: If I put an edition in the Grim Oak Press shopping cart, does it hold and guarantee my edition?

Answer: No, it does not. Backend inventory is only changed when a transaction completes.  Example: If there is one copy of The Name of the Wind Lettered Edition left on the website and you put it in your shopping cart and a second person puts in their shopping cart, whoever completes their order first will have it. It will show as sold out to the other person.

Question: Is there a limit to the number of copies I can purchase?

Answer: You may purchase up to 3 copies of the the Signed & Numbered editions and the Rare edition. The Lettered edition, the Rare edition, and Collector bundle will be limited to 1 copy per customer/household.  

Question: Will the editions contain the extra content from The Name of the Wind 10th Anniversary edition?

Answer: No, we do not plan to include the 10th Anniversary content in our publication. This is due to consistency as there is no additional content for The Wise Man's Fear and we want our editions to match.

Question: Will the Marc Simonetti illustrations be new or the same ones from the French edition?

Answer: It will be a little of both. We are using Marc's French illustrations because they are so wonderful as well as hiring him to produce several new illustrations.

Question: Will there be mock-ups, images, or samples of each edition on the day of pre-order?

Answer: We will not have finished books to share on the day of pre-order. But like all Grim Oak Press books, we will feature the covers, the details of each book, and as many interior illustrations as we can on their product pages. For this particular project, we will also try to showcase the slipcase and clamshell designs.