July Projects Update

July Projects Update

Hello Grim Oak Community!

Welcome to the July edition of our Projects Status Update newsletter!  As always, we like our community to be informed about current and upcoming projects as we share the journey to create the best collector edition books out there.  Don't forget to visit our Project Statuses page for detailed information.

  • Sometimes the Magic Works
    • Layout and editing are complete.  We are building the templates for our printer and we expect a 6-8 week print queue.
    • With an arrival to the warehouse and no major setbacks I expect to be shipping in September!
    • Thanks for your patience on this book as we had to hold it for a while to not step on the toes of other things Brooks is publishing. 
  • Unbound
    • All signatures have been collected and we are readying files, editing, and doing layouts.
    • Todd Lockwood has completing the back side of the wrap-around cover art.
    • We should be able to get this book to the printer in early August.  With the 8 week printer queue, the book should arrive in the warehouse by October for shipping!
  • The Sword of Shannara
    • We have moved forward reprinting all of the damaged books and will be notifying those on the waiting list soon whether they were early enough to get a copy or not.
    • Precedence will go to those that own a copy of The Elfstones of Shannara and The Wishsong of Shannara, but missed out the first time around on acquiring The Sword of Shannara.
    • I will be sending out a way to pay for your copy once I receive and inspect them in our warehouse.  That way I can ship the same day as it is paid for.
    • Expected in 4 weeks to arrive!
  • The Wishsong of Shannara
    • Marc Simonetti will be pivoting to the interior artwork shortly.  These will include many of the requested favorite scenes that you commented on in Facebook and our blog post here.
    • With Terry Brooks publishing multiple books this year, we are being a bit careful with his publishers and trying to work within their schedule to print this limited edition. 
    • The new targeted print date for The Wishsong of Shannara is November/December.
  • Street Freaks
    • Uprooted
      • Award winning artist Donato Giancola has completed all artwork, including an interior for each chapter, a special signature page, and the wrap around cover.  Absolutely astonishing work!
      • Editing and design work begins as we start the layout of all elements for publication.
      • We have had to push the publication date back into fall in order to give this book the justice it deserves!  Layout and templates will be a beast with all the great artwork!
    • Faerie Tale
      • Artist Don Maitz has completed brand new interiors for this dark fantasy. 
      • Signature and title pages will need to be created then we can move this into design, layout, and editing as well.
      • Hoping for a swift completion of the required elements so we can get all files, signatures, and more to our printer to publish this fall.
    • Magician
      • With the presale period for Magician underway, the signed and numbered limited edition has been a hot item on the Grim Oak Storefront.
      • All lettered editions have been claimed by the "rights" owners (those that purchased Faerie Tale) except 1!
      • We will be taking entries into a drawing for one week with the winner getting the rights to letter of The Riftwar Saga and The Empire Trilogy!  You can enter the drawing here.
    • Dragonsbane
      • Isaac Stewart is currently working on a graphical map
      • Michael Whelan is digging up some original sketches for interiors on the book.
      • Brandon Sanderson is writing the introduction.
      • This is an excellent read and will be a wonderful edition to anyone's collection...triple-signed by the best in the business.
    • Lord Foul's Bane
      • We have been holding out on doing a presale for the Thomas Covenant books until our other works are further along toward publication.
      • This is still going to happen, we appreciate your patience and hope to see the book up for presale this soon.
      • Word & Void Novella
        • Very exciting news for Brooks' fans around the world as he dives back into his beloved dark fantasy world from Word & Void by publishing an e-novella featuring some new and several fan favorite characters from the series.   
        • We will continue to tease out information as we get closer to our publication date of September 9th.
        • This novella will only be in electronic format and will be available at Grim Oak Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and more!

      That concludes our wrap-up on projects.  As you can tell, we are extremely excited and busy as we begin to get into publication stages on many of our projects.  This will be a busy fall and winter for the Grim Oak Press warehouse for sure!

      Thanks again for all of your support and allowing us to do what we love!


      The Grim Oak Team, Shawn & Jeff

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