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Grim Oak Press

The Wishsong of Shannara Limited Edition

The Wishsong of Shannara Limited Edition

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Author: Terry Brooks
Series: Shannara
Type: Bonded Leather Bound Limited Edition
Publisher: Grim Oak Press
Notes: 1000 signed and numbered copies


Before the dawn of mankind, Demons created a book of dark magic, called the Ildatch. This book was so full of their dark essence that it became a living thing, with a will of its own. When the Druids gathered all knowledge and lore of the Old World to themselves in the aftermath of the Great Wars, the book of Ildatch was uncovered after countless millennia. It remained harmless until the Druid Brona found it in the halls of Paranor and began to read and unlock its terrible secrets. Brona was eventually subverted by the very power he sought to control and thus the Warlock Lord was born. Allanon thought that the dark book had been buried in the destruction of the Skull Kingdom after Shea triumphed over the Warlock Lord in The Sword of Shannara, but it soon became apparent that the survivors of the calamity recovered the book, and delved into its arcane knowledge.

The Wishsong of Shannara concludes the original Shannara series. It features several of Terry's best characters, including, Allanon, Brin Ohmsford, and the indomitable weapons master Garet Jax.

The Limited Edition of The Wishsong of Shannara will be a gorgeous tome. It will be leather, have a sewn in ribbon, and will feature eight black and white interior illustrations by Marc Simonetti. This edition will not have a slipcase or the full-color illustration insert.

Signed by Terry Brooks and Marc Simonetti.

Limited to 1000 numbered copies.


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