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Underthing Press

Digger Unearthed Softcover

Digger Unearthed Softcover

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Author: Ursula Vernon
Type: Trade Paperback
Dust Jacket: N/A
Graphic Novel: 800 black-and-white pages
Signed: N/A
Housing: N/A
Imprint: Underthing Press
Note #1: Featuring a new foreword by Patrick Rothfuss
Note #2: This does not contain the bonus content that is featured in the Limited and Collector's Editions.


The story of a wombat on an incredible journey of discovery Kurt Busiek calls "utterly charming with a delightful (and refreshingly practical) hero."
Digger Unearthed is the story of a shrewd, sensible wombat engineer named Digger-of-unnecessarily-convoluted-tunnels, who finds herself stranded in a fantasy world that is far from logical. Thrust into the middle of a puzzling and often perilous situation involving gods, demons, destiny, and redemption, she finds her way based on a pragmatic honesty and the sincere belief in doing the right thing.
This tale manages to be both serious and light-hearted: it explores complex themes of honor, responsibility, and the gray areas between right and wrong, but it does so with a frequent application of humor, wit, and absurdity that makes the journey fun.
To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Digger Unearthed offers the complete webcomic collection in a single volume that can be fully enjoyed by young adult readers, yet also contains layers of sophistication that become deeper and more meaningful with age and experience.


"Has inspired comparisons to Bone and Finder." Publishers Weekly

"A visually powerful strip."
The New York Times

"A rich fantasy adventure, a bitingly sarcastic satire, a meditation on myth and religion, and possessed of a quirky and beautiful black-and-white art style."
—Eric Lindberg, Broken Frontier

"Digger is an amazingly successful comic that wouldn't work in any other medium. I love it!"
—Phil Foglio, Girl Genius creator

"Stunning black-and-white art, a wry sense of humor, and one of the most engaging protagonists in webcomics."
—The Webcomics Examiner
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