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Grim Oak Press

Dust Jacket: Found Worlds by Todd Lockwood

Dust Jacket: Found Worlds by Todd Lockwood

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Artist: Todd Lockwood
Type: Dust Jacket
Quantity: 75 Available
Dust Jacket: Embossed & Glossy
Note: See below


These dust jackets only fit Found Worlds: The Art of Todd Lockwood, a book that was Kickstarted by the artist. The art book features one of Shawn Speakman's favorite paintings, the Ilse Witch from the Shannara novel Witch Wraith by Terry Brooks. Therefore, Grim Oak Press decided to produce a new dust jacket for the art book with that art. The dust jacket is also embossed on the title and glossy. And due to the small print run of these dust jackets and the embossing, they cost us $20 to produce

If you do not own a copy of Found Worlds: The Art of Todd Lockwood but want one, you'll have to email Todd Lockwood (

Note 1: These will ship in a tube and, as they are not considered Media Mail, must be shipped using USPS Priority Mail and USPS International Priority Mail.

Note 2: This dust jacket and its tube cannot be combined with any other orders/packages.

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