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Subterranean Press

Iron Gold Limited Edition

Iron Gold Limited Edition

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Grim Oak Press is proud to carry this beautiful Subterranean Press signed limited edition of Iron Gold, the best-selling follow on novel by Pierce Brown, with killer cover art by Sam Burley.

Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Sam Burley.

Sam Burley has taken over the illustration reins for this installment. In addition to the full-color cover, he’ll be contributing four full-color interior plates.

About the Book: 

Ten years ago, Darrow of Lykos dreamed peace would finally come after he led a successful revolution to overthrow the Golds. But old dreams have given way to a new reality for the man known as the Reaper and the Morning Star: constant war. As ArchImperator of the Republic, Darrow leads its forces in a seemingly endless battle. 

Darrow still believes in the cause, so strongly he ignores the orders of the Senate to retake Mercury from the Ash Lord. But when he becomes a wanted man, he decides on one final mission. Will he make it out alive? The answer may rest in the fates of others that entwine with his story: a young Red refugee on the run; Cassius and his ward Lysander, the Sovereign’s heir in exile; and a grieving ex-soldier turned desperate thief.

With Iron Gold, #1 New York Times bestseller Pierce Brown begins an epic, thrilling new chapter in the Red Rising Saga.  

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