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The Elfstones of Shannara Lettered Edition

The Elfstones of Shannara Lettered Edition

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Author: Terry Brooks
Artist: Marc Simonetti
Type: Leather & Lettered Edition
Quantity: 52 Signed & Lettered Copies
Artwork: 10 Simonetti Interior Illustrations w/ Double-Page Color Insert
Dust Jacket: No
Ribbon: Yes
Book Housing: Clamshell included
Note: The cover featured here may not be the final cover.

Publishing: March 2018


The Elfstones of Shannara is considered to be one of the best Terry Brooks, a novel of love, sacrifice, and magic.

The magical Ellcrys tree was beginning to die, thus weakening the spell that held the Forbidding. The Ellcrys spoke to the Chosen, telling them of a rebirth, a process which enables a new tree to be born—but this can only be done at the fountain of the Bloodfire. The Chosen then inform their Prince Ander Elessedil and King Eventine Elessedil of the matter. However, no one knows of the location of the Bloodfire. A search in the ancient Elven library reveals one reference to the Bloodfire. It states that it lies in a place named "Safehold". At the same time, a powerful Demon, the Dagda Mor, escapes from the waning Forbidding, bringing with it two other demons named the Reaper and the Changeling. The Dagda Mor then sends the Reaper to kill all the Chosen, and the Changeling to act as a spy for the demons within the Elven city. Eventine finds himself at a loss, for only the Chosen can make the rebirth of the Ellcrys happen.

The Lettered Edition will be a gorgeous tome. It will be leather, slip-cased, have a sewn in ribbon, and eight black and white interior illustrations by Marc Simonetti. It will also have a full-color double-page illustration inserted into the book.

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