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Tailchaser's Song Limited Edition

Tailchaser's Song Limited Edition

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Author: Tad Williams
Type: Limited Edition
Dust Jacket: Foiled & Embossed
Artwork: 5 full-color interiors by magical artist Stephanie Law
Double-Signed: Tad Williams and Stephanie Law

Note #1: Limited to 750 double-signed copies  


When his friend and prospective mate Hushpad goes missing, Tailchaser sets out on a quest to discover what distant evil threatens the lives of the fold.

The extraordinary debut novel that launched Tad William's career, TAILCHASER'S SONG is an epic of high fantasy and grand adventure, where gods walk amongst their people and where even very small creatures can change the world.

Weaving through the tall grasses of this world is Tailchaser, a young ginger tom cat with a good heart and a restless spirit. When his friend Hushpad vanishes, Tailchaser sets out to find her. His journey will take him further than he ever thought possible - from the court of the Firstwalkers, through the cities of M'an, and into the hellish depths of the earth itself, where an unimaginable horror awaits.
This edition of the book is the Limited Edition:

  • Limited to 750 double-signed copies
  • Bonded Leather-bound book with foil stamping and 60# high-quality paper
  • Signed by Tad Williams and Stephanie Law
  • Five full-color interior plates by Stephanie Law
  • Sewn-in satin ribbon
  • Dust jacket: foiled & embossed

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