February 2019 Projects Update

February 2019 Projects Update

February 2019 Projects Status Update

Dear Grim Oak Community! 

It seems like forever since we last updated you on our ongoing projects here at Grim Oak Press. We have so much to share (this is a huge article but worth the read) about the close of 2018 and what is to come in 2019.  From upcoming publications, to new contracts and a new printing partner - this year promises to be interesting and amazing at the same time.

First off, we can not say this often enough - THANK YOU! The patience and kindness shown to us really exemplifies the amazing people we get to work with and how intelligent and savvy readers are.  Without you, Grim Oak Press wouldn't exist.  Without you, this world would be lot more dark and a lot less magical in every way.  Thank you again for sharing your love of books with the everyone!

Since I joined Shawn at Grim Oak Press, we have tried hard to improve some of our operational tactics, hoping to bring you higher quality books in a shorter amount of time.  Well, in one way I believe we have found some successes, in the other...let us just say that we are a bit disappointed. The second half of last year saw us delaying the publication of multiple projects for many different reasons.  Some our fault, some out of our control. From publishers asking us to hold off on printing to our long time print and bindery partner forgetting the core values of quality and customer service.  None of these are your problems, they are ours.  And we will make this better in 2019.

So how are all the other projects going, you ask?  That is what I am here to answer.


  • Unbound
    • After many years, this one finally completed and we began shipping out to customers in late January.
    • This was definitely on a heroes journey and it didn't disappoint when it came to twists and problems.  The biggest issue at the end was quality.  When we received the books they were poorly boxed and we dealt with massive damages to dust jackets.  This extremely poor quality, coupled with a lack of empathy and customer service, is what finally broke our relationship with our old printing partner.   
    • Unbound is currently sold out, but I think we may come up with a few copies once I am able to understand any returns or damages.  Hopefully we will have a few leftover copies for those of you who were not lucky enough to get one originally.
  • Sometimes the Magic Works
    • Another multi-year project comes to a close as we began shipping from the warehouse late last week.
    • This project was coupled with Unbound in terms of damages and issues with our old printer.  For those of you who followed my ranting on Facebook...I apologize.  Quality and service always come first with us and I just couldn't take it anymore.
    • Lettered ($100) and Limited Editions ($50) are still available and shipping now!


  • Street Freaks
    • We have finally been given a ship date!  February 28th...ugh.  Not what I was hoping for but finally on track again.  
    • This project was doing well until the first printing of the page blocks had a crease in the middle of the pages.  Very happy they caught it at the bindery before putting it together, but it also put us 4-6 weeks behind schedule.
    • Lettered ($395) and Limited Editions ($75) are still available for pre-order.
  • Uprooted
    • We also received the ship date for this book...February 28th!  Wow.  Going to be a crazy week in the warehouse for sure.  It is going to take me multiple weeks to get through both books in early March.  Thanks in advance for your continued patience.
    • This project suffered the same fate as Street Freaks with a weird fold in the pages and had to go back to the printer for a reprint.  It also has some "special" touches that we added, which are a bit different than our other books.  I hope you love them.
    • Limited Editions ($100) are still available for pre-order.


  • The Wishsong of Shannara
    • This project is back to "in progress".  It has been with our new printing partner for 2 weeks now and we have been given an estimate of 6 more weeks until completion.  That puts us in late March for an arrival in our warehouse.
    • Between Terry Brooks' original publisher asking us to delay our publication date and having to pull this project mid-stream from our old printer - this one has been hit the hardest. 
    • Much of the added time to the project is due to Shawn and I being extra careful that our new printer partner can match the materials and style of the first two books in the series, EXACTLY.  This has to look and feel like the last book in the trilogy no matter the cost.
    • The artwork by Marc Simonetti is incredible.  How many of you have wanted to see what the Jachyra looked like through the eyes of the author? I certainly did and Marc nailed it.
    • Limited Editions ($100) are still available for pre-order.  Don't forget to match up your numbers if you already purchased the first!
  • Faerie Tale
    • After hundreds of hours of editing and corrections, we are currently doing our final read-through.  
    • All artwork, layout, and design are complete.
    • I expect this to go to our printer partner by the end of February to kickoff the project, putting a May arrival in our warehouse likely.
    • This is such an amazing story, dark and perfect for an intro into Raymond Feist's writing and worlds.  Don Maitz's artwork nailed the tone of the book.
    • Limited Editions ($100) are available for pre-order.
  • Magician
    • Don Maitz has completed all new interiors and they look amazing.
    • We will be converting the old digital files to PDFs for beta readers shortly.  I will reaching out to those who volunteered originally.  The fun part of this will be catching the differences in the British version such as "colour" and "color".
    • This one should move pretty quick once edits are complete and I expect this project to be kicked off with our printing partner in late March or early April as well.
    • Limited Editions ($100) are available for pre-order.
  • Elegy For Darkness
    • This project is cruising along at a fast pace.  Artist Donato Giancola has already completed all the interiors and is putting the final touches on the cover art.
    • We have requested digital files from the publisher for both Banewreaker and Godslayer (The Sundering) and are waiting to receive so we can combine the stories, properly edit and do layout for the publication as Elegy for Darkness.
    • At this pace, we believe we could be sending the project to our new print partner in April, giving us a July publication.
    • There is a chance for a delay in this project if the files we receive from the publisher require the same type of proofing and editing as Faerie Tale.
    • Lettered ($400) and Limited Editions ($95) are still available for pre-order.


  • Lord Foul's Bane
    • Artist Allen Morris has been doing wonderful work on both the interior illustrations and cover art.  We have been working closely with the author to make sure the details in the images match his vision for the characters, especially Thomas Covenant.
    • The digital files for this book will be much like Faerie Tale and require a ton of hours for proofing and editing.  After we get our beta readers completed through Magician, we can launch a similar program for this book.
    • I expect this to be ready for our printing partner in May or June, barring any other setbacks.
    • Limited Editions ($100) remain on pre-order.
  • Unfettered II
    • This project is inching closer!  We are down to 8 signatures with most of the remaining authors living close to us in the Pacific Northwest.  
    • Todd Lockwood currently has the signature pages and hopefully he can get through them quickly.
    • With all files and art already done, this only comes down to the signature pages and time at the printer.
    • The ARCs are almost complete.  We should receive those in March and can bring them up to Emerald City Comic Con for some signatures! Then we will get them shipped.
  • Red Queen's War
    • Longtime Mark Lawrence artist Jason Chan is re-reading the series to find the right scenes for interior artwork.
    • There will be a bunch of copy edit and design since we are combining all 3 novels (Prince of Fools, The Liar's Key, The Wheel of Osheim) into an omnibus.
    • My best guess here is we get interiors and design done this summer and start the printing project by early fall.  This is really squishy with a bunch of unknowns so don't hold me to it!
    • Limited Editions ($100) are on pre-order now.
  • Dragonsbane
    • Along with some others, I think this one will be a bit of a journey as well with all the moving parts.  Hopefully we have everything complete and to us by fall of this year.
    • We are still waiting on the new map by Isaac Stewart and the introduction by Brandon Sanderson.
    • We are also still awaiting word from Michael Whelan on utilizing some original - and possibly new - artwork.
    • Signature pages still need to be designed and sent out.
    • Lettered ($395) and Limited Editions ($85)  are available for pre-order.


  • Unfettered III
    • With the publication of the trade hardcovers and ARCs just around the corner (including the coveted ECCC special) we were able to get signature pages out to authors.
    • We are going to go with 2 different signature pages, splitting the authors in half.  We hope this will halve the time it takes to get all signatures collected, obviously reducing the time to publication.
    • However, as history suggests, this is still going to be a long journey.  We appreciate your patience so much as this is one of our bigger projects for Grim Oak Shield, our non-profit organization.
    • Limited Editions ($225) are on pre-order now.


We still have many wonderful books to announce, both new and follow-ups in a series.  I have listed out some of those projects, in a possible order of announcement.  Things can certainly shift as we get a better feel for timing and commitments from artists and authors.
    • Daughter of the Empire by Janny Wurts and Raymond E. Feist
    • Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey
    • Silverthorn by Raymond E. Feist
    • Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik
    • The Illearth War by Stephen R. Donaldson
    • The First King of Shannara by Terry Brooks
    • Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings
    • ...and a few other potentials we are in negotiations for!

Also, keep an eye out for a few authors that will be signing with Grim Oak Press to publish their upcoming novels!  Announcements coming soon!


We want to thank all of you that have purchased books, won auctions, and directly donated to the many causes we support.  In 2018 we were able to raise and DONATE over $20,000 to charities for fighting cancer and helping the families affected by this horrible disease.  You are truly wonderful and readers are absolutely some of the most giving and caring people in the world!

Some highlights of our larger contributions we made last year with the help of all of you:

We will also be doing a re-design of our website for Grim Oak Shield making it easier for all of you to continue your caring and support of these wonderful causes.


These limited editions are in our warehouse and shipping now!  If you haven't picked up a copy because you don't like pre-order periods...well don't miss out!

That concludes our wrap-up for ongoing and upcoming projects.  Your passion and patience continue to amaze us.  Feel free to reach out directly to Shawn or I any time if you have questions or concerns.

Thanks again for all of your support and allowing us to do what we love!


The Grim Oak Team, Jeff & Shawn

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